Suzann Hensley, the Assistant Director for Campus Recreation, was wanting to provide the students at Tennessee Tech an opportunity to add climbing to their fitness experience. An unused wall just off the second floor walking track provided the perfect space. After the install she commented :

From the very beginning, you addressed my questions and concerns in a timely manner…….you brought to light issues that I had not even thought about. Through your communication and guidance, we were able to make a ‘not so perfect location’ the ‘perfect location’ for our climber. It looks as though it was made for that spot!!!!

I am really impressed with the apparent quality of this piece of equipment. Easy maintenance and cleaning is definitely appreciated. The students are intrigued at this point as many have never seen anything like this. The ones that are into climbing are almost obsessed with it. Even with the most experienced climbers, this is a challenge both in skill and endurance. We may seriously be looking at a second Freedom Climber in the near future.”

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